Some advice for new players

If you are thinking about getting into League of Legends, here are some tips for you. 1) Don't spend RP on champions, especially cheaper ones. You'll get "shards" for these over and over again and can get them with in game currency. 2) League historically has not been kind to tank champions. Don't bother learning them. They're rarely as good as other champions. I've mained champions like Nautilus and Sejuani for years and look back at it like I was playing with one hand tied behind my back. Plus I spent maybe 30 dollars in skins on these champs and 80% of the time they aren't even playable competitively. 3) Mute everyone at the beginning of the game. If you're new, everyone will flame you. You'll be put in a situation where good players will make beginner accounts and make the game miserable for you over and over until you put months of work into the game (built up your addiction.) Once you're pretty good, continue to mute everyone because 90% of conversations in the game are negative. If they are all muted you can pretend everyone is actually being nice. 4) Don't spend RP on skins. Especially not little things like icons which nobody but you will ever notice. Items in the game are too costly and you can use the money to buy real games on steam. Would you rather use the money for Hollow Knight or so that your League champion can get a new red hat?
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