Champions' names in Arabic meaning.

Well, I'm Lebanese, (Middle Eastern, in other words, Arabian), but in MY specific language (Lebanese Arabic that is, keep in mind Lebanese Arabic is NOT EXACTLY THE SAME as the Arabic you typically know of or heard of elsewhere), some Champions' names (well to be fair, very few) have a different meaning, to a normal meaning to even something a little messed up (fortunately it's the very 1st i'm going to translate, i don't know about you, but it's meh to me anyway.) I'm by alphabetical order (obviously). {{champion:103}} Her name almost means "my d*ck". Coincidence? I think so. riot probably should have researched more, but it's funny. {{champion:105}} His name means "jump". I'm not gonna lie, i once went on all chat and said to enemy Fizz, "hey Fizz! Stop fizzing around!", Arabic puns on foreigners. Is that even rude of me? {{champion:40}} Okay this one is probably obvious but whatever, not gonna ignore it. Her name means "heaven". Simple, to the next one! {{champion:202}} Funny enough, his name fits him REALLY WELL, since his "art" is killing. Anyway Jhin's name means "go crazy". {{champion:145}} Oh...okay um...well it ALMOST means..."her p_ss_", not gonna go in detail on this one, hell, the detail is not even right much, but at least you'll get the slight idea. But one thing i can leave is that it's pronunciation is different. {{champion:117}} Not sure if this is known or not. But Lulu's name means "pearl". {{champion:11}} Ignore the "master", it's the "yi" that actually has an Arabic meaning (specifically Lebanese), which is basically an expression, like expression of a slight confusion or "what the heck?" {{champion:20}} know what, i'm gonna make an exception and not explain it. All i can say it's the same situation with Kai'sa. I'll let you do the guessing. {{champion:516}} In my language at least, Ornn's name means "horn". {{champion:35}} It's hard to explain it because i don't know the meaning of that word for sure. But if i had to guess, it would be "suspicious". Which might fit Shaco well? Since he's a deceiving demon? Also to add, Shaco's name ALMOST means "pierce him," this one i can explain how, the word would have to be "Shekko," which is different, but pretty much same anyway. {{champion:157}} Well to be fair, the pronunciation is different, Yasuo's name ALMOST means "jesus". Yeah that's about it. Thought i should share this. Always something new to learn, right? Although my Arabic is not so wow, but all this are basic level. Note: I forgot to mention: {{champion:44}} In my language it means "to knock" or "knocked out", i'm not very sure on this one, but honestly, Taric's name is a common name too, so above all the name, his is an actual name, but i believe it's spelled "Tariq". {{champion:432}} Bard's name means "cold". But it's almost the same in my Language. {{champion:150}} For Gnar, same with Master Yi's case (the without the "master"), Gnar would mean "fire" but without the letter "G" {{champion:143}} Zyra, it's not exactly close enough. In my Arabic it would be "warde" and in general Arabic it would be "Zahra", i say ignore this one, what i can say for sure is that her name reminds of the term "flower" in the Arabic language, even though it's nowhere near to how we say "flower". I guess it's all imagination. {{champion:84}} Akali's name, without the letter "I" at the end, would mean "he ate". {{champion:1}} This one is a little confusing for me to explain, but to just give like a rough idea, Annie's name means (or almost means) "I am". Pretty much a fragment of a sentence. {{champion:201}} In Braum's case, his name would mean "turn," like a commanding/asking someone type of way. {{champion:50}} Without the letter "S," Swain's name ALMOST means "where," in my Arabic, though it should somewhat be spelled "wein" or something like that (not fully sure), but it sounds the same anyway. {{champion:267}} Although the spelling should be "neme" rather than "nami" it's close enough anyway, would be rude of me to just ignore, since it's already closely related to my language. Anyway, it means "go sleep," but said only to a girl. Unlike English, the term "sleep" can be said to both gender, but in Arabic, there is a word for each gender, same spelling but with some changes.
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