Riot, Why Gouge Prices and Swindle New Content?

My current issue is the **Star Guardian Mega Bundle**. If you break down each individual price, you will notice that you are overpaying for the content that is being offered. I own **ALL** the champions and I am given** ONLY a 3%** discount for the entire bundle. Though I still notice that if I would buy each individual item separately, I would be**_ SAVING_** more money! From a consumer prospective, I find that business practice to be offensive. I want to support the company but I will not foolishly spend close to** $100. USD for crap content** that doesn't fully entice my interests. The breakdown is this. In Riot points for the Skins, icons, and Ward, Versus the total price offered ( **(1820x2) + (1350x2) + (250x4) + 640 ā‰  8860 RP** ). As a consumer I want better deals for the new bundles being released (**New sale deals**) OR **Better content** within the bundles that make it worth purchasing (include the Chromas for each applicable skin and add in more icons, or wards, or perhaps something TFT related) . In the past, the company offered sale **deals on NEW content** that was released. I was more inclined to buy the content when I knew I was given a _good deal_ on the product. I wish Riot would revert back to that business practice for the future. As of right now, I will not be spending money on any new content. I am annoyed with what is being offered and find it insulting for a dedicated player to receive such a pathetic discount for the amount of content being offered.
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