This is my “LoL is dying” post, and I require validation

Hello, I am a boy between the ages of 13-24, and I have just decided to quit League of Legends. I am frustrated by my lack of progress and by the performance of my team. Rather than adapt to the current meta or better myself, I lay all of my problems at Riots feet. I hope they come out with a patch soon to bug fix my shitty skills. That being said, I have picked up a battle royale game in the mean time. However I don’t have the confidence yet to justify why I’m quitting league, and I need validation from other disgruntled league players in order to feel good about my choices. So I’m creating this “league is dying” post in an effort to feel good and make people think I am smart and have impeccable taste in my gaming hobbies. Obviously any game that is the most watched on Twitch that isn’t league is the best game ever, which justifies my opinion. Remember how League was dying when Pubg was top dog on Twitch? Or Overwatch? Well this time my personal opinions are correct, and I’m so confident in my opinion I have all of you to validate it. Obviously if you have a different opinion, I and my other fellow disgruntled players will down vote you, and as you know opinions with the most amount of down votes are scientifically proven to be incorrect. I look forward to your replies praising my decision and agreeing that “league is bad/dying”. remember, if you cannot improve your skills or are frustrated in your own personal abilities, and don’t want to blame your own faults, lay your insecurities at Riots feet. Blame them for your lack of skill, and hopefully they can produce a hot fix to alleviate our collective angst, so we can jump back to league once we get tired of losing on our new game... and then we can make posts on how league is dying once the next thing gets released.
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