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It has become clear to me that majority of players are not aware of the decision to remove twisted treeline at the end of the year. I will not go into why this is a horrible decision in this post but other posts cover all of the information about how it will affect players of other gamemodes and not exclusively 3v3 players so you should check them out. Recently, Riot Games has announced the decision to remove Twisted Treeline from League of Legends. I hear people complain that 'it has like no players' or reference a statistic of '2.5% LoL players play Twisted Treeline' but people forget how many users there are to League of Legends. The truth is that LoL's player base has been on a decline since 2016. Twisted Treeline last received a change back in the 5.11 Patch, as seen here: and changes before that patch in 3.10. Twisted Treeline has remained untouched since Crystal Scar was a map. It has been that long. Riot Games has hid the announcement of their decision in a dev blog which, to majority of 3v3 players, has not and will not be read by them. They have little to no reason to read patch notes and dev blogs since the last change to the mode they play was back in June of 2015. This announcement is big and it should have been the first subject covered in the blog, but instead it is the LAST thing they talk about. Twisted Treeline was put under, in this order, Teamfight Tactics, ARURF+ (a rotating game mode), Nexus Blitz (another rotating game mode), and ARAM. To close the post off, they insult the thousands of concurrent TT players by saying 'That’s it for now. We hope you continue to enjoy all the fun ways to play League of Legends. ' A big change of pace from their 5.11 Diversity patch. We can't continue to play what won't be there, Riot.
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