PSA for Botlaners (and a word from your Jungler)

It has come to my attention that in almost every single game that I play, my bot lane consistently feeds. A lot of these games usually have both of my bot laners at 0/4 by the 10 minute mark at least. After one of tonight's games, where my bot lane started flaming me, the jungler, that their loss was my fault, I felt it was necessary to make this special announcement. Bot laners, your lane is not the only lane on the map. On top of this, junglers have more to worry about than just lanes. Let me break it down for you. Jungling is one of if not THE hardest roles to play. You have to: Clear your Jungle Watch the enemy jungler's activity Try to keep yourself from getting counterjungled Counterjungle (optional) Watch top, mid, AND bot for potential ganks Gank. Special note on ganks, and this applies to all lanes. There is a time and place when it's good to gank, and the jungler sometimes knows this better than the laner asking for the gank. If you're top and you just died, the enemy is still low, and your jungler is between mid and bot clearing camps, it is NOT a good time to gank. By the time that jungler gets there, the enemy will already have based (or at least should have), and the jungler wastes time coming to top that could have been spent clearing camps. Even when there's a wave of enemy minions at your turret, the turret will clear faster than the jungler can get there, and even then the minions they do get won't be worth missing out on clearing camps. However, I digress. Back to Bot Laners. Bot Laners, you need to better understand your lane and what YOU can do to save it. If, for example, you just engaged on the enemy and both of you died while they both lived, you need to play safer. That bot lane now has 2 kills on you as well as possible cs and level. Take these things into account. Don't re engage the moment you return. Instead, farm up and play safe. Hugging your turret is not bad when you're struggling. Remember that this is a game of snowballing. The more you feed your laner, the harder it's going to be to recover. Especially if no one else on your team is doing exceptional. Play it cool, and if your jungler can't gank the moment you believe opportunity has arisen, do not get mad at them and flame them. This will lead to hasty decisions that will most likely lead to all of you dying. Remember that your jungler, as stated above, has a lot more to be concerned with than just your lane. If all lanes are doing bad, the jungle has to pick and choose which lanes they help, and that's if they're not predisposed with an invading enemy jungler. I'm not saying that SOME of the blame can't be placed on poor decisions made by the jungler. However, the jungler did not feed your lane. You did. Now, let's say that the enemy's jungler is consistently ganking you. This is also a problem that can be dealt with simply by placing wards. Remember to have vision and to regularly check your minimap. Be aware of whether or not jungle is coming, and pay attention to pings from mid as well. There are two of you down there, and each of you should be warding, but the support should always have some form of vision item if there are a lot of ganks coming bot. As someone who doesn't play a lot of ADC, I ask that any experienced ADC players leave helpful advice below. The best way to help the feeding frenzies in bot lane is to provide information to help those players that are having a rough time. Thank you all for reading this.
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