Complexity trough Simple Design vs Complexity trough Complexity

After taking about a day to actually understand what Aphelios does I realized something about recent champion Design and with Aphelios in particular. When you look at recent champions almost every single one has at least one mechanic that steers away from fundamental game designs. Now with Aphelios you actually need a new HUD just for the champ and it's the first champ that actually doesn't have an E ability and it's the first champ that has to level up stats. And the funny thing is, after all of that NONE of the newer champs actually managed to become the most unique champion in terms of gameplay, not even Aphelios. When you think about it, Aphelios is a marksman, all he does is auto with different effects. Auto with slow, with more range, with AOE jada jada blah blah. It is nothing too different from other ADCs, just give Udyr range and you have half of Aphelios kit already there. It is actually hilarious that when you look at the most unique champ in the game you don't see a 300 page essay on his passive, you don't see a new HUD, you don't see him with anything exciting at all. He has the most generic and bland kit imaginable, upfront most brutally normal abilities you could ever think of. Not a single skillshot in his kit, not a single dash, absolutely nothing. I'm talking about this guy {{champion:27}} Think about it for a second, what other champ has a more unique playstyle than Singed. The closes thing coming to mind is Sion with his inting strategy. Or that he can int to enemy red buff lvl 1. What other champ can go into the enemy base lvl 1 and not troll? What other champ can just say "nach fuck that guy im not laning anymore" and just piss of to the enemy tier 2 turret AND find success while doing so. What other champ has a playstyle like Singed? Aphelios, just like any other recent champ is bound by the fundamental rules of gameplay of the game. Aphelios is an ADC so he HAS to do behave like an ADC to find success. Singed is like "here are your abilities, I don't know how you will make them work but good luck" Singed is one of the hardest and actually THE most rewarding champ to master to this day, not Riven, not Sol, not Kalista, no it's Singed. And look at his abilities, seriously they are a joke > Passive: Movementspeed when walking near a champ > Q: Damage behind you > W: AOE slow > E: Point and click melee cc, that roots when flinged into slow (damn most complex ability in his kit) > R: Bunch of stats You could fit Singed's kit 10 times into Aphelios Q ability alone and Aphelios still doesn't even come close to breaking gameplay designs like Singed does. Singed is what I always imagined future champs to be like. Very simple designs but highly flexible in how to use them. I always wanted more champs like Singed, I wanted to play the game differently. Like inting Sion, you ever think that Aphelios is ever going to pull off something like inting Sion? Hell no, Aphelios is limited, he is an ADC and he will always be an ADC and he will always do what all the other ADCs are doing, has a 300 page essay on his passive but is still more limited to rules than Singed or Sion. It's just baffling.
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