Outplayed Again

Having 5 kills as Varus, rageblade, bork, boots, working on hurricane. The Sylas with 1 and a half items and pen boots uses two of his abilities on nothing, dashes into my tank, eats my ult to face, takes all my damage, then I Q him with full blight stacks and deals around 800 with my entire rotation of his 2.5k health. He hits me with one Q, dealing 1500 of my 1800 health, instantly healing back all of the damage I did. I flash away, waiting for my 12 and 17 second cooldowns. He follows me with his CC/Dash that kills me with around 600 damage to spare counting the passive. He then CCs my entire team and kills them all because hes a carry and cast my ult from across the fucking map. FeelsBadMan when outplayed as an ADC
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