Uninstalling League if my account is not unbanned, and WILL take LEGAL action

Got perm banned for being quote "extremely inflammatory during my last game. So, in short my jungler ganks top and gets caught then dies says hes never coming top again and cusses at me. Naturally, just like in real life I responded by saying Im sorry i fing tried to help and that was it. This game LITERALLY has a chat filter that you can turn off and on which means it allows you to use foul language and then bans you for it if you're reported. For the rest of the entire game I was flamed by my 3 team mates for losing top lane after not receiving any help from the team. So another player on my team starts the entire toxic environment first, which i agree maybe i shouldn't have responded by what i said earlier, however, i then get bullied for an entire game with things FAR WORSE than i said by THREE different people. That is literal cyber bullying since riot is now such a "woke" company why would you ban me, the victim of such an act? I reported all 3 players that did this to me and of course after being bullied all game i rage alot in the post game screen and got banned for that. I understand that i shouldn't have done that, but thats what happens when you get pushed and harassed for 30 minutes straight by 3 different people. I really hope they ended up banned as well because its only fair if not, then I will pursue a lawsuit under RIOTS own terms of agreement because I have chat log responses from them copied and screenshots as well. Choosing to ban me and not them under the same rules of service is discrimination and I will take this further.
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