Riot, stop allowing people to first time champions in ranked.

Yeah yeah I get it, they're not bound to feed everytime. But hey, when they do, the game is fucking unwinnable, and please don't give me the "Well they could playing the champion on another account". I can tell when my 130 Mastery point Evelynn with a 5% playrate over her past 20 who tried soloing the dragon level 5 with a mana crystal is clearly not knowledgable with her champion. **(The mastery points and playrate were set after the game was lost at 15 minutes in a plat 3 game)** You're a company with hopefully big enough brains to realize that this shit is completely toxic for the game. I shouldn't be forced to have to deal with a selfish ass player like this, and I'd be damned if people actually believe that they wouldn't be slightly bothered if someone first timed a champion as their jungle in their ranked game as well. Again, I understand that people have multiple accounts and practice different champions on them. It's pretty fucking obvious when they don't have any fucking experience with that champion when they're doing nothing but running back and forth trying to figure out how to use their combo. I also understand champion swapping is a thing, if someone has little to no mastery on the champion before the game starts, the game should dodge.
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