About all the hate against China on the boards.

I get where a lot of this hate is coming from, it is a very simple thing to notice when you take a minute to look where it stems from. Here is my side and maybe you all will see that this is why you're so mad at China besides the fact they are trying to censor OUR game. I don't hate china or it's people what I hate is the fact that this game is being balanced around the Chinese players. I am in-fact part Chinese (mostly native american) so i feel no hate for the Chinese people. That being said if this game got banned in China I would be bloody happy then we would get the game we used to love and adore back. All the hate that is being spawned is because people are sick and tired of the game being balanced around the fast paced one shot meta that the Chinese market loves. I am so sick and tired of the oneshot meta. You see it is these things that is causing most of the anti-China feelings on the boards when really these feeling should be directed at Riot to ensure they understand how we feel and make it so they won't mess with our champions only China's and hopefully stop balancing this game around the Chinese players. It is this meta that has made A _**giant**_ chunk of players outside Asia quit this game. The nerfing of enchanter supports that always happens also doesn't help players stay as well.
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