Clash Match Making System...

After playing in the Clash tournament today, i found that the people our "skill" level was a lie. The average overall rank of my team is ~Bronze 1, since we have two silver 4s, two bronze 2s, and a bronze 3, but we got placed with high silvers, mid golds and a couple teams with plats. Needless to say, we lost our games... Hard. This imbalance has made majority of my friends(team) not want to even continue to day 2 in fear that we just have no chance by fighting people way out of our league when we were told by the Clash Faqs link that we would be properly matched against people like us. My team consists of me(someone who's never touched gold and been hard stuck silver since s5), 3 brand new players that I'm teaching, and one player that hasn't played since season 5 because his PC broke. We just played draft after the Clash games and we played against the players that our actually our skill level and won a very satisfying game. Please look into this so that Clash isn't just for golds+!

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