Majority of players thought bans we're the single best thing this game mode has had since release, I personally think the same thing, Please listen to your player-base and return the bans and maybe make it the ARAM its meant to be with All champ unlocks for free in that game mode exclusive like you have doe with event game modes. previous post got LOCKED because it was in the wrong sub-board. Now that this is in the correct sub-board. 0 Chance of getting locked / removed :) Why don't mods just move posts to the right sub-board instead of locking/deleting. Seems like a simple thing to do :) > [{quoted}](name=Yordletana,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=E0RWMGQR,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-04-23T05:55:31.043+0000) > > Before they accuse you of _"low effort content"_ feel free to add any of these in whatever format you want to your post: > > - Bans help avoid overbearing characters in ARAM such as Lux, Ezreal, Nidalee and other heavy-poke characters > - Bans help mitigate the effect of accounts that buy only characters of the above mentioned group. Whether the existence of such accounts is open for debate, bans are a great tool to prevent them from ever becoming too popular. > - Bans also prevent facing the same character several times in a row. Just played against a Varus or a Jhin that made your life miserable? Wanna play again and be 100% sure you won't face them? Drop a ban. > - Bans can also help if you're getting the same character several times in a row. Some very strange times, you get Mao'Kai twice. What are the odds, right? Well, you can just ban him and not even risk it. > > To all the mods reading this: **The post is not just people wanting bans, but plenty of people discussing the issue. There's plenty of content alright in the posts that also happen to be asking for votes up.**
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