A game cannot grow bigger forever

Blizzard didn't understand that greed has to stop somewhere. They kept changing WoW to appeal to a “broader audience”. They thought they could keep the veterans as well as appeal to casuals. What they did was to add more "convenient" content which was very easy and faceroll. This content was made for people who didn't wanna actually spend time playing the game. The end result was a game that handed out all sorts free shit for no effort and which had severe detrimental effects on the game. Epic gear was now epic in name only, entry-level raiding became completely faceroll, void of any effort and meaning, classes were heavily simplified to the point where a monkey would lose IQ points by playing them, PvP suffered due to the class simplification and died nearly instantly. Blizzard single-handedly managed to reduce their sub count from over 12 million active players to 7 in the span of a single expansion. 5 million players don’t just quit out of nowhere – the game was objectively turning into hot garbage. As we speak, WoW is only a mere shadow of its former self. Blizzard no longer reports sub counts, but my guess is somewhere around 2-3 million. A sizeable amount of these subs is artificially kept active by buying game time with gold. The game itself is pure trash and is only kept alive by the wonderful art and lore team working at Blizzard (peace be with them). **The point is simply that Blizzard got greedy and thought they could freely alienate their core player base and that they’d stay. They failed and paid for it, and we all know how Blizzard is doing these days.** Now Riot is doing the exact same thing to League: trying to cater to a specific demographic by making games shorter which most of the Western player base opposes (at least that’s my take on this). League is getting more and more imbalanced. The balance team lies about wanting to reduce damage and keeps adding more to the point where everything is getting oneshotted. Old champions are getting updated at a snail’s pace while Dota received, in a single patch, an update to half of the champion rooster. Riot is increasingly attempting to monetize their game with these event passes and various currencies to make up for loss of revenue. **Riot doesn’t want to understand that League has reached its peak and won’t grow any bigger. You can either respect and treat your current player base well, or you can show them the middle finger like you’re currently doing. Either way, there will be consequences, and know that as long as you keep destroying League’s tactical core, you will receive no more hard-earned money from me and many other people who love[d] League.**
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