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Hello all, I hope this post will be taken into consideration as we indian league players have issues with the ping. If i recall correctly, the lowest ping for indians is about 150 ms and thats from euw or eune. Now i do know that there are clients such as garena but for me personally, i had started off in na because my friends started to play there. Now i have invested so much time to my account in na that i dont wanna like... just leave it. there are no official way to transfer my account from na to garena. This is not only a major problem for indians but for other countries as well where they arent that close to riots servers. My goal had been to reach gold this season as last year exactly i had hit the peak of elo hell (b5 0lp). I am rlly suprised despite having like 300 ping i managed to hit silver 4 and i am continue to climbing but it keeps getting harder (besides the skill XD). So please, This is serious and it would mean the world, not only for me, but for the rest of the indians that play league, to have a solution for this high ping issue. Regards, Aaron
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