If you take Ignite top, won hard & then spam "ez" at my team, I have 0 respect for you

Especially those playing hard-carries like Yasuo or Irelia. I just finished a game where I wanted to practice a bit of Kayle even though I have 0 experience on her, and I got matched against an Irelia who took Ignite/Flash. As expected, I got rekt hard multiple times, but only up to about 0/3. My jungler never came to gank my lane for 15 minutes since he constantly assisted bot & mid instead. Truthfully speaking, I'm okay with it. But damn, they still failed hard. At post game lobby, the Irelia spammed "ez top" and then continues to mock my team for being weak & etc, which just made me lost respect for her. Like honestly, if you have to take a win-hard summoner spells to top lane, I may have no problems with it. But to act cocky with it by mocking my team with your unfair summoner spell matches, that just crosses the line.
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