Sadly i have to stop playing League cos of freeze problems

After 9.22, it has been a nightmare, literally. Game afrer game i notices strange micro freezes. I thought it was fps drops, but when it happens in game they dont go so low to justifie that. I had times when i could still see 01 FPS in other pcs in game... I tried everything about fps. All the things said in the support page and more. Nothing changes and freezes happen in all modes. Them yesterday, my got completely blocked when playing aram, then tft, then sr. In the same day (not right one after another). Today i got another block and i had to restart the pc again.. I cant sacrifice my PC cos it just doesn't lie league anymore. I wanted to ask if writing at support helps or not in this sutuation. If not.. i guess i give up :( (happened this also when new SR came, stopped playing fir months until it didn't freeze anymore) Hope i can find some help :(
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