So Borderlands 3 is an Epic store exclusive...

The PC version at least. Does this matter to you? Will you wait until it can be purchased elsewhere or will you still buy it on day 1? I was considering getting it the instant it came out, but after reading some threads on reddit it's clear that the Epic store and launcher have some SERIOUS problems (particularly with its users personal information). I forget exactly what they all are, but if you just google epic launcher spyware you'll see what I'm talking about. Let me also point out that if you want all the dlc you'll need to pay $100 for this game. There is an $80 version (forgot what it includes, but does not include season pass with dlc unfortunately). No matter how much I love this series, I refuse to pay $100 just to get all the dlc. All these problems aside, I also think it's a REALLY dick move for them to buy the rights to this game. Just on principle alone I refuse to support this greed and exclusivity bullsh*t.
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