[Regarding skin transfer] Aka can you guys help?

Hello so I found this post "http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2842413" after googling "League of Legends account skin transfer" And it seems like I need 2000+upvotes Yes I did send a support ticket so long story short They make an exception for people with 2000+ upvotes So I ask you guys for help My Euw acc "JaxRelax" aka skins that i wanna transfer My Eune acc "Sagarshin" aka where i wanna have my skins transferred Edit#1 Thanks for support guys 16.01.2018 Edit#2 14/3 thanks for 14 upvotes! -3 =11 Edit#3 Thank everyone for 44 upvotes Edit#4 so we actually did hit 85 upvotes im actually happy about that if this is gonna stay like this we gonna hit 2k Thanks again everyone Edit#5 We did actually hit 249 upvotes still -14 so 235 thanks yall again Edit#6 @Keyru :thonk: I Mean we hit 329 i mean the last thing that i can say is rito plz and roll the sad music.mp3 Edit#7 i still believe in magic riot Edit#8 18.012019 402-20 =382 upvotes :Thonk: Rito i will not stop updating this post And ty for supportive comments guys Edit#9 If somebody didn't understand what is @Keyru talking about its about my support ticket that i send and got responded by if i got 2000k we make an exception (Remember this is long story short it's not the whole respond that i got)

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