Kind of bitter over the Project event (feel free to bully me)

I want to start by saying my favorite thing in league is all the project stuff. It is the number one time I spend my money on the game and I love all aspects of project events. However, this one has left me beyond bitter. I want to make this post to hopefully to help riot see where this type of events can rub someone the wrong way. Ill start by stating I have spent 200 usd on this event which may attribute to my bitterness so please keep that in mind. My first complaint is in the cost of the skins themselves. Now the skin by itself is peachy but I take issues with the "value" of the chroma bundle. The main appeal to these would be being able to get the icon+border without having to spend your project tokens, however the overall price of that is 600+ rp. I rerolled project warwick and noticed that between the chroma bundle and the bundle that includes the icon was 600 rp, which is crazy for an icon. My other deal is in the fact that they didnt offer a mega value bundle which would have included all now projects with icon/chromas with a noticable % off. The only other store offering is the "surprise mechanics" wth tokens which leads me into issue number two. I spent money of trying to get enough tokens to buy everything in the shop. In this respect I super failed even after spending 200 dollars on the surprise mechanics. I can say for sure that these orbs are far weaker in the past. I didn't even pull a single mythic skin from either the orbs or rerolls. However, I understand that is the surprise aspect of loot boxes but it still feels bad but what I should have gotten was some goodie bags. I don't imagine they intended to be this rare, I only got a single bag out of the 120 orbs. (not counting the ones i got in the bundle). Again, surprise offerings don't offer anything guaranteed but the tokens that came with the bundles. Surely 200 dollars worth of tokens plus non-stop token grinding should have afforded me every unique token shop item. This is not the case. The prestige skin+ point bundle costs 4200 add all the gold chromas brings that total to 6500. 5 border icons (because 600 rp of a bundle just isnt value) brings the total in to 7750. A handful more for the ward and emotes. That is just too much at the rate the coins can be farmed. On a good day I could farm 200-300 tokens. works days around 50-120. We are nearing the end of the event and I have yet to get enough tokens to afford a single gold chroma (this is counting my ability to get everything else). I feel 300 apiece is just too much. In other issue, why didn't the Project theme adc game mode not come come back. Like it already works and I cant think of too much added or changeing to worry about making live again. I just get the feeling of missing content on that. That would be like bringing in a major star guardian without bringing in the pve game mode. I also dislike the lack of transparency on the availability of some of this content. It seems like prestige {{champion:39}} should stay as a chance to re roll as a mythic drop however in the release page they make it out as her availability in loot ends next month. likewise with the icons, they are listed as limited but many of the other "limited" gold chromas had rolled back around. Specifically warring kingdoms came back and so did snowdown ones if i'm not mistaken. If i knew i would have future opportunity to get them I wouldn't stress to much but this has led to the one thing I get excited for in league of legends into a feels bad moment for me.
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