Why can't we actually SPEND Orange Essence?

Why give us duplicates of skins we already own from boxes, just to disenchant them into Orange Essence and have it sit there for nothing? _Waiting_ for something to randomly drop from a box feels terrible when you can't actually _spend_ it on something. "Well, I guess I'll just wait until I can get my new Mastery box, where I may get a skin I _don't_ want, a useless champion shard, or a 1/500 chance I get something I _do_ want." Gonna be honest here Riot, Overwatch's loot system _far_ surpasses yours. Not only is it far more generous by giving players multiple boxes per week (_and_ per level), but at least those duplicates of things convert directly to their currency that you can _spend_ on skins, voice lines, whatever. I've barely played that game (I'm only level 27 or something?), and yet I have Orange skins for every hero that I enjoy. Some were random, some I saved up for, but I haven't dropped a cent of my money on that game. This is all coming from someone who's played since Season 1, and has probably dropped a couple hundred dollars on this game since I began playing. An Orange Essence Shop sure would be nice. And while you're at it, maybe add some Recall effects/colours to choose from in the Blue Essence shop. /rant
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