Anyone else have that role you just can't get into / get right?

I can manage to play any role to some degree, but jungle is a special beast that I just can't seem to win over even with treats. It's rather rare that I play jungle thankfully but every now and then I get stuck with it. I find that depending on who I jungle with and how my team plays make so much difference that it's almost annoying. I tend to prefer eve but I do play others just as an FYI. So here is the thing jungle in it's self is a lot to memorize even if you don't add in ganks. Routs and respawn times as well as capability of the other jungler to counter jungle just to start things off. All of this makes the roll tedious to me. But the reason I find I honestly hate the role is none of the above save for one. How my team plays their lanes dictates my ability to gank. They push up all the time and get ganked by the other jungler who is like oh look easy kills again. So ofc what is the first thing I hear is how often they've been ganked and how it's all the junglers fault they are loosing lane. (What The Literal ****?) I get I'm not good at jungle and I'll try to do my best but I need to have something to work with. I'd like to be as civil about these things as possible but all too often people don't want civil they want you to cover for their errors. So yea I'm not a great jungler I own that and try to be up front about it without being the I refuse to play that role guy. (oh yea I play normals I'm here for fun not ranks or E.... well you get it.) P.S. Sorry about that kinda becoming a rant but I'd really like to hear about other peoples thoughts on roles they don't like. Agree or disagree is fine we all have our own styles of play.
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