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It's self explanatory. Give me recommendations for an anime to watch. I like more grounded stuff with comedy in it. It can be rom-com or action-comedy but when I watch this kinda things I find myself always waiting on the fight to end so the story and character interactions to continue. I have watched Goblin Slayer and am keeping with SAO but both haven't stuck with me. So if you have any ideas for a bit more on the normal side anime please tell me. I liked dragon maid so it can be with a more fantastic aspect too as long as it is still on the comedy or rom-com side. I don't have anything to do D: Sincerely your local boards troll Edit: Thank you all for the recommendations. I once again have faith in the quality of the lol community. I will try to at least check your top recommendations. Edit 2: To whoever recommended the devil is a part timer: First this is the anime with best script I am saying it now and I will die thinking that. The dub is amazing and I couldn't stop laughing even for a secoud. But again to the person who recommended it now you are making me read the manga/novel too so I get to see what happens next! The anime was way too short and it didn't even "end". Apparently there is a spin-off manga too so I gotta read that too. Danke
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