Suggestion: Behaviour Evalution In Match History

I don’t know if this has been suggested, but I’m thinking, it would be cool for people who are trying to reform to see how they behaved in each game. The idea is that there could be a new section in each game summary called something like Behaviour. Since the servers go through chat logs and whatnot to determine whether someone was breaking rules or not to punish people, it could be used to show players how they behaved and whether they need to change or not. So in this new section players would see the chat log of their respective game, similar to those players that have been banned and can only see a window with only what *they* typed in-game. The behaviour evalution could not only be based off what the system has learned over the course of years is considered bad behaviour by the community, but also reports (reports and reporters would not be displayed ofc). There could be colour coded behaviour “grades” (for the want of a better word): - Positive (based on both chat log scan results and honours received): green (- Questionable / Might need improvement: Yellow) - Negative: red What do y’all think?
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