Thoughts about mains of few champs

I have some remarks about mains of certain champions, would like to hear if you have same observations. Teemo mains: almost always trash, losing lanes even vs champions they counter. So many times I thought "oh I got teemo, but he is vs trynda so maybe he won't feed" and than bam, first blood for trynd. Generally useless, don't remember game I won with teemo in my team. Fiora mains: feast or famine players. Generally bad, if they get fed they play good. If they have harder matchup they feed. Riven mains: same as fiora mains, they have no idea how to play when they are not fed. Every time they have counter in lane they just have to go all in like idiots and feed. Yasuo mains: this one is special. Im totally certain this champ draws plain idiots. They feed becasue of their stupid decisions. Even if yasuo gets fed and you think it's gg, it's never that simple, he can always go 1v5 at random moment and lose you the game. I believe it's becasue yasuo is overpowered 1v9 champ so all morons who can't find succes with normal champs gravitate to him to be able to carry despite their lack of reason. Warwick mains: very solid guys, they never fail, always perform good. Vayne mains: I think they are solid too most of the time. Usually when I have vayne main in the team he plays very well. Akali mains: kinda similiar to yasuo mains. They are good mechanicly, but do stupid stuff ocasionally. However they are far better than yasuo mains. Zed mains: quite good in my opinion, they find a way to kill oponent that I was sure they can not kill. Draven mains: again, usually idiots. Typical scenario for draven - he will push, get ganked and feed. Also very toxic. Draven is kinda like yasuo so he propably draws morons who can't carry games with weaker champions. Ryze mains: same as ww, very solid, always perform good, you can count on them even if they had unlucky early game. Janna mains: very annoying childish players that tend to spam mastery emote when they do anything. They put the ward - mastery emote. They press E on standing still teammate - mastery emote. Type of players who like to smell their own farts.
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