Riot is going SJW, so I made a post about Diversity and my thoughts upon it

Since Riot made an official announcement saying "Celebrate Diversity with us" and NO political party except the SJWs have been peddling "Diversity" as a good thing I've decided to give my take on why Diversity is bad Let me start with disclaimers because I'm 100% positive that there'll be SOMEONE who at least things "omfg this guy is racist for not wanting diversity" Do I hate gays, blacks, etc.? obviously not Do I want then to be in media/videogames? Yes and no ** Reasons for yes:** If it fundamentally changes the character to be gay, black, german, irish, etc. then that character should be gay, black, german, irish, etc. If the story of the character revolves around a particular group(I.E. gay guy lives in a Catholic town and wants to find a boyfriend changes the ENTIRE story if VS a Straight guy living in a Catholic town and wants to find a girlfriend. This also falls into the first reason) If there is an inherent change in how a character will act and will change the story's context due to them being gay, black, german, irish, etc.(A good example of this would be found in the TV-show courage the cowardly dog. In a particular episode, a girl-fox was being kept captive by an abusive dog boyfriend. Courage initially gets scared by the girlfriend of the Fox, whom is a rabbit. Eventually, the rabbit-girlfriend employs Courage's help and frees the girl-fox. The fox and rabbit girls both get away and have a hug at the very end of the episode. It is heavily implied that the two were lesbians but due to the shows rating, there's no way that would air on Cartoon Network nowadays. Making the rabbit and fox girls both lesbian made the story into a terrifyingly possibly true story, which made the whole situation THAT much more real and THAT much more embedded into the watcher's mind whilst being a good small plot twist that adds to rewatchability of the particular episode) **Reasons for no:** If the character is meeting a quota of gay, black, german, irish, asian, etc. for a character If the character is being forcibly put into the story in order to "represent" a particular group(I.E. throwing historical accuracy out the window to make someone like a french minister in the 1800s into a gay guy) All that this does in a piece of media is say: "ok we have your [x] character in the movie so Fk off cause you are represented" --------------------------------------------- TL;DR Diversity isn't inherently a GOOD thing. People should stop praising "Diversity" on the spot and instead look to Diversity as a tool to be used to further a character and story, just like any other tool for a movie/book/video game EDIT: Ok let me use an example because a LOT of people are having misconceptions as to what I mean A man walks to a shop and gets a cup of coffee. Nothing more, Nothing less Does it matter if that man is Straight? Does it matter if that man is Gay? Does it matter if that man is Celtic? If the answer to any of those is "No" then at the heart of that response is what I mean to talk about The fact that the man is Gay/Celtic/Straight changes nothing to the story and adds nothing to the story Now if we take a story about a Girl in college who wrote a giant research paper and has the results of her paper found in some sort of staff BUT she drops the staff and has to go on a wild-goose chase to get it That's when Diversity can be used well in order to make the story fundamentally different If the girl is Hispanic then maybe she'll go on a wild chase through alleyways and street vendors with a few backyards before the Staff gets taken by a hawk If the girl is Japanese then maybe some Yokai(type of spirits/demons from Japan) came and decided they wanted the staff for themselves so she has to get the help from her personal protective spirit I could go on but the point is that Diversity is a tool that can help or hurt a story If a story has unnecessary clutter("The [GAY] man bought a pizza" Has no more relevance than "The [STRAIGHT] man bought a pizza". Both stories are equally cluttered) Then the story suffers. If a story uses the Diversity of it's characters to make jokes, references to culture, and bring a whole new perspective on a story then Diversity should be used as the tool it is to help that story
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