How Riot can make a cash grab that people can actually enjoy.

So, instead of fixing their game and launcher they are gonna release "achievements" behind a pay wall. Amazing.... They have so many more options that can be easy cash grabs but I guess that would be too much effort. 1. Custom Voice Announcers. This would be one of the most requested things since ever. And they clearly have the capacity to do it since they did it with Star Guardian Ahri. Honestly I god bored of hearing the same voice over and over again. I would love a Ornn announcer for example. Just imagine him saying: "Hey, your teammate got a kill, why didn't you. " "Hey you got a pentakill, I might consider giving you a hug. Not" And not just champions. If streamers could make custom announcers I would definitely want a Yassuo or Tyler1 one. Just imagine how awesome it would be to hear Moe's scream when you die or Tyler1's say I'M SO GOOD AT THIS GAME when you get a kill. With that said I think most of the LoL community would love Custom Voice Announcers. 2.Custom huds. Why not give the players more huds to choose from. I would totally buy one along with a voice announcer. Both of the above could generate way more money for you, and also make people enjoy em. I totally would enjoy a Ornn voice announcer
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