Do not compare TFT to actual game modes

TFT Update: Numbers & What's Next
Hey everyone! With Kai'Sa and the Sparring Glove items having shipped in patch 9.19, we've reached the last of the major gameplay changes for Set 1 of Teamfight Tactics.
TFT is another game in itself. When you first join league, it even asks you if you’re only here for TFT or League of Legends. The comparisons is pretty fucking bullshit considering the fact it gets updated more frequently than every game mode. Twisted Treeline and Dominion would’ve been more in the likes of Summoners Rift and ARAM if they were this loved. The graph itself is pretty utterly shit too. Did they forgot that most game modes were supposed to fast paced and usually go for 15-25 mins or even less, while TFT would take 30-40 mins, like an actual game of league. PVE game modes had mission and clear goals, but no replayablity once all missions were clear unless you liked playing them. Blood Moon was not updated at all to fit with new assassins and item updates, as well not even adding new features. Game modes like PROJECT, Snowdown and Doombots isn’t even on the graph, and they were only available for a few weeks till it was gone. I’m just sick on the justifications cause you know it’s about the little legends and boxes and actual greed now but hey “ThEy GoTtA mAkE mOnEYsSoMeHoW”.
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