Dear Person Who Thinks Someone's Game Knowledge is Moot Because They're Silver/Bronze.

Perhaps they're just easily tilted and never climb because of their attitude. Maybe they don't have the time or energy to dedicate to ranked because they are a working adult. What if the problems they face in their elo are real problems not found in higher elos? Many people I've met in Silver or Bronze have incredible game knowledge, oftentimes more than others I know in Diamond or Plat. They can think quick, play well, and know what changes mean and can adapt to the meta quickly. Somebody can have really good knowledge of the game and not play ranked, either. So next time somebody says something and you see they're in Silver or Bronze, think about the validity of their statement first and only use their rank if it actually applies instead of trying to put them down for something they may not have the patience, time, or energy to achieve. And to that person in Plat who told me 'stfu you're silver' when arguing against me that Lee Sin's kick doesn't root his target while it's casting... hik you, man. Hik. You. Long Live the Beta Metals!
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