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The current tribunal system is unfair and rewards toxic players. Back when I joined League of Legends, it was because the game was fun and rewarding to competitive players. I was the ideal teammate, did what I was supposed to to win. Before the honor system was completely revamped, I held the coveted blue ribbon for a time. I lost that blue ribbon one game when my teammates decided that I wasn't doing enough to help them and they berated me in chat. When I replied with words that I felt they deserved, I was reported and I lost my prize ribbon. Fast Forward --- I took a much needed break from League of Legends. When I came back, I finished serving out some AFK timers. I played each game, not really saying much so as to avoid flaming. I started winning several matches back to back over the course of a couple of days. Then, WHAM, I'm hit with a 14-day suspension for something I had to reach back into my memory to see if I said it. I reviewed my match history and: The date of supposed offense: 2/27/18 Date ban was received: 3/28/18 Game 1 Frostmagex: wow Frostmagex: fix it? Frostmagex: brand jg? Frostmagex: lol Frostmagex: omg Frostmagex: we're doomed Frostmagex: do us a favor and afk buddy Frostmagex: may not be a late game Frostmagex: this ww is actually helping so Frostmagex: we screwed Frostmagex: omfg Frostmagex: fkn ff Frostmagex: this is over Frostmagex: brand jg Frostmagex: thats joke Frostmagex: a * Frostmagex: dead*** Frostmagex: gg Frostmagex: reported for trolling Frostmagex: end Frostmagex: end Frostmagex: end Frostmagex: end Frostmagex: end Frostmagex: end Frostmagex: end so brand can go play norms Frostmagex: always get stuck with losers Frostmagex: you 2/16 Frostmagex: scrubby nub Frostmagex: 4v6 all game Frostmagex: reporting the fuck out of this brand Frostmagex: that score is hate speech Frostmagex: fun game Frostmagex: 40 min fkn wasted Game 2 Frostmagex: gg Frostmagex: we have feeders Frostmagex: for sure Frostmagex: gg Frostmagex: this game is a joke Frostmagex: dragon or afk Frostmagex: you guys are **** Frostmagex: ABSOLUTE **** Frostmagex: STFU Frostmagex: retard Frostmagex: *** *****d Frostmagex: and you died Frostmagex: like an *** Frostmagex: like you have all game Frostmagex: happens when riot matches special kids Frostmagex: bad isn't a strong enough word Frostmagex: you can fix bad Frostmagex: can't fix retard Frostmagex: stupid ***holes I was allowed to log in for several days before I was retroactively punished. This isn't fair. I would also like to point out that there is an Adult Language Filter, and that you should advise players to activate it before punishing other players who aren't offended. What I said wasn't even that bad and I'm sure the player(s) that reported me don't even remember this particular incident. I barely did. This little story is a microchasm of what is happening on a large scale in my opinion. You have a situation where it feels like players of different skill are forced to play together; known griefers are allowed to feed and troll players game after game. And it's the less-than-casual gamer that gets shafted every time, usually for afking or flaming said griefer.
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