Riot, giving us a '50/50 chance' of winning Ranked is bullshit

So there's ALOT of posts on the boards recently about the unfair team matchmaking in Ranked, especially promos, where someone with a positive winrate is placed with trollers, feeders etc. making it really hard to climb. I read through a Rioter's response to one of these threads and they said 'matchmaking is working as intended' and the system attempts to place you with players that will give you as 'close to a 50/50 chance of winning that game' When I read that it immediately makes me think, oh, so say I have an 85% winrate in ranked, will the system place me with a player with a 15% winrate to compensate? And I know its not that drastic in reality, but for people who have positive winrates in ranked, myself included (im sat at nearly 60% wr right now for this season) it feels like the system places us with people who are just TOO bad to counteract our positive winrate and make the game 'a 50/50 chance' and it is basically punishing players who are decent at the game by making them have to carry every promo game. This, in my opinion, is a terrible system and the game shouldn't try and give you throwers and feeders in games just because you have a higher chance of winning your lane, I play with a jungle duo queue most of the time and it honestly seems like every game we have we get a Botlane that feeds and a Toplaner that is essentially a flip of a coin whether they'll do well, while me and him seem to do fairly well consistently in ranked. The system is just way too tedious and seems like it's designed to stop decent low-elo players from being able to get up to the rank that they're trying hard to get. Please change this riot, the system should just match you randomly with people in the same bracket who are queued at the same time and do it for both teams because randomly assigning you teammates is fair, rather than trying to tailor the games to make you have to try really hard to carry your negative WR teammates while being against someone with a similar positive WR in your lane just because you do consistently well and the system thinks it needs to compensate.
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