Give kayle back her armor please im begging im on my hands and knees

Pleeeaaaaaaasssseeeee give kayle back her armor. Y'all seriously replaced kayle's armor (something that defined her and made her stood out) for some tight ass spandex and shoulder pads?? Riot y'all literally love to make the same sexy girl over and over and over and over and over again huh? Listen, the splash art is gorgeous, but there was really no reason to remove kayle's armor. Listen u know what, i dont even care how many big breasted back-breaking thin af girls u put in ur game alright its fine i like boobs just as much as y'all but pls for the love of god and anything that is holy give kayle back her armor im begging there was literally 0 reason for u to take that from her. Her armor was so cool i dont understand why zyduuddjidjdjdlsosksksjsosoeie sorry im just here to vent lol kayle and Morgana look great but idk i just think kayle deserves better lmao **EDIT** : like the design itself isnt bad, it's actually super nice, but it is a bad design _for_ kayle Would love to see riot completely remove morde's armor when his rework comes around smh
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