Bring back the Old Aatrox but not at the cost of the Current Aatrox

WAIT! Hear me out on this one. Patch 9.14 is the patch where Aatrox got his revive removed, though I can understand why as a current Aatrox main. This patch removed the last thing, the ONLY thing brought over from the Old Aatrox kit and now that it's gone there is nothing left of him. The name Aatrox now rests on a completely different champion that has one similarity and that is self healing but even that is different. I used to main Old Aatrox and I main the current one and have played both for about the same time and I sorely miss the Old Aatrox. He was a balanced champion after he received his mini rework and he became much more kill expressive and less stat-check than before. It wasn't until the {{item:3124}} changes and Conqueror being added that he became broken tier. Say what you will about Old Aatrox but if he was going to be reworked he should not have been removed and replaced by an AD Caster that doesn't play like the old one AT ALL. Even his self healing was different, it worked like {{item:3813}} rather than Blood Thirst so it lost all of its uniqueness. His Revive moved to his R where instead of counting abilities and managing blood well, you would just press R and boom free {{item:3026}}. New Aatrox has proven to be harder to balance than Old Aatrox since all of the current Aatrox damage revolves around his Q, which is where most of his power budget is. I like the current Aatrox, don't get me wrong but in no way is it the Old Aatrox. Not too long ago Teemo had a mini rework cancelled because it was highly disliked by his mains and I sat there thinking about how Jag said something along the lines of, "The rework was not for the mains but for the Community." But there he was talking in an article saying how Teemo mains didn't like the rework, what happened to reworks not being for the mains?! Never in my life would I want Aatrox to be reverted since the current mains of Aatrox like their unique and interesting champions and I like him too but I would love if old Aatrox could return but revamped and readjusted so he's "healthier" for the game. Either current Aatrox could be renamed or the Old New Aatrox could just be a different champion, though I would personally prefer the first option. By doing this Old Aatrox mains would finally get their beloved champion back and may flock back to the game, while the current mains would maintain their champion that they like. The current Aatrox mains do not deserve old Aatrox main treatment, they do not deserve to have their beloved champion ripped from their hands and replaced by a completely different champion that shares no semblance to the old one, so that is why I would advocate for both champions to coexist pleasing both the new and the old mains. If only this were somehow possible... {{champion:266}}
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