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Over time, I've noticed a trend in the player base here on the boards, and with Riot and the champions they release that are prone to be complained about. I also have my own things to say about these trends and a question for anyone who will listen and try to help me form a meaningful discussion about this. New champions and reworked champions, and I don't just mean Aphelios or Senna. Many of us look forward to them, both as new toys (this is a game after all) to play with, and can be welcome additions to a constantly changing game. But something has been out of place. Have you noticed some of the Sylas discussions? I remember earlier this year when he was announced that many people were excited for him, and even fell in love with his kit when he released and became his first mains. However, even on the pbe some people saw his kit and made up their mind he was going to be a balance nightmare, and they weren't entirely incorrect. Sylas is a fun champion, but Riot has been making changes to him on the pbe which his players argue will kill the champion. Will something Like this happen to other champions? Well, it already has: Kallista is a prime example of a cool champion handled so poorly that many players who played the game when she was strong hate her, and eventually she was considered to be gutted because she was too good in pro play. This is a cycle that needs to be broken, as everyone here should love this game to some extent and would want to see it improve because of the time they've spent, the rank they've climbed to, or the champions that you play. The cycle of most new champion releases: 1. Cool new champion is announced then put on pbe and some people see it and know it's overpowered like other newer champions. 2. People argue over boards/Reddit that new champion is or is not op, Riot seems to not acknowledge some of the negative feedback at least. 3. Champion that was on pbe for a while releases on live servers and one of two things occurs. Either they are laughably weak or they are overpowered or overtuned. Either way players complain and argue for months. People also buy skins day 1. 4. Riot feels the need to buff or make changes to said champion, especially if they are weak. 5. Either through the changes made or the champion's kit itself they dominate pro play according to the boards and then that champion is either nerfed badly or left with the same kit. Can this stop? I don't want to see new champion releases if they are only going to be nerfed into oblivion or split the community on a daily basis. This isn't for all new champions, but it's sad to see champions or reworked champions people love purposefully made overpowered then changed when they break pro play when I am pretty sure Riot knows exactly what they are doing when a champion is put into the live servers, or even on the pbe. This discussion won't reach everyone's eyes, but I hope we can realize that this is doesn't need to be this way. There can be a Sylas or even an Akali that is not infamous to play against or has to be made into someone else.
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