Is my Account blacklisted because i complaind about the game?

I used to complain quite a lot in comments after i started in these boards roughly 2 months ago. I'm from the SEA Garena servers and we have no community system there so i had to join here to learn and tell about leauge stuffs that other people talk about. Once one of my post was deleted because i titled it Riot should fire xxx team which is against the board rules and actually the post was not about any rage or complain. I simply clickbaited the title so that i can tell i'm impatient for the next ultimate skin. Now recently i made two post about the problems we are facing in the Garena servers. 1. Without vietnam and maybe Phillipine the other servers have no working player suppprt system that you can contact. 2. We didn't get any livestream or celebration from Garena for the 10th anniversary. I did two post regarding these. And often you see these kind of post gets attention as we help each other to solve a problem. But both of my post has 2 upvotes each. It feels like my posts are being non prioritized by the system. I dont know...i'm again complaining. But i did stop complaining like a angry player and havent complained about anything in like weeks. So mods pls remove my id from the blacklist and let me have a solution.
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