PSA: Do NOT eat laundry pods

Honestly I thought this meme was stupid from the start But people are actually dying doing this. Look, these things are highly concentrated toxic LAUNDRY DETERGENT. It is meant to blast away dirt, grime, and everything else under the sun off your clothes in the washing machine. It's the same thing as drinking laundry detergent straight from the bottle. These things have about a cap full of detergent concentrated in them, plus a stain remover and releasing agent. That's a very deadly combination of chemicals for you. It is NOT a snack. It is NOT a fruit. I don't care how appetizing they look, if you eat one you WILL have to go the hospital and probably have irreversible damage to your stomach, throat, and intestines, assuming it doesn't kill you. I had a rude awakening last when a medical team had to rush up to the 11th floor of my dorm hall last night and run into the room next to me to get somenoe who had apparently eaten one whole and swallowed it and was convulsing at 3 am. This is a college kid eating these things. STOP EATING THIS THINGS. THEY ARE NOT FOOD. YOU WILL GET VERY VERY SICK AND BE AT A HIGH RISK OF DEATH. For the love of god, if someone dares you to do this, don't do it. It's not a joke, it a serious health hazard. This is the definition of a meme gone too far.
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