Stop thinking that everything you copycat out of pro-play makes you good

- Just because a pro-player plays Hecarim top with TP/Ignite, doesn't mean you literally have to copy the exact same thing while not knowing wtf you're suppose to do. - Just because a pro-player picks a champion that you thought was complete "dogshit & non-meta", doesn't mean it's meta & not dogshit. You're still gonna be as shit as how you played it before. - Just because one takes TP/Flash as Ezreal bot, doesn't mean it is a 100% necessity to only take that spell set. If you don't know shit about playing Ezreal, go back to taking Heal/Flash. - Just because you saw a specific strat out of pro-play (_eg. Funneling strat_) and thinks you can copy the living shit out of it, doesn't mean that it will always work all the time at your favor. All you're doing is costing yourself a mid lane, which is being taken care by a Soraka support. #Stop being an LCS-slave. Play what you feel like playing comfortably. Don't always copy shit directly out of the streaming scene without thinking why it's good in the first place.
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