Why on earth is there not an option to choose the language of the voice/announcer?

I mean come on, it's just plain sad. Anybody that speaks a different language comes to NA? Guess they're just going to have to deal with not understanding anything that the champions or the announcer says. Want to use a different voice/announcer language for fun? Nope, you're stuck with English and Riot made LVOC obsolete, so it's impossible to change. Is there any logical reason for there to be no option for players to download another languages voice pack no matter what server they're on? Blizzard let's anyone download any voice/language pack for Overwatch, I really don't see why Riot doesn't allow this. Not only does this impact players who don't speak the servers language fluently, it removes the ability for players to use another voice pack for their own enjoyment. There's only so many times I can hear Star Guardian Ahri say "_Tutor me in algebra before we slay this dragon_" before I start to lose it.
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