I don't understand how banrates work..

first how do some champs hog a super high percentage of total banrates like yasuo has 56% according to this site https://www.mobachampion.com/champion/yasuo-build/ and this site it's slightly less https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/champions/builds/yasuo but if this champ alone has 50% and zed too has the same banrate almost that's 100% there's no more banrate for other champs? wtf how did that percentage even got calculated and even if you count the games where a champ got banned twice it still doesn't add up i did a quick check on all champs banrates and the sum would be close 300%+ at least where the fk do these percentages come from then? also explain to me how ekko despite having the stupidest kit i've seen in my life he sits on the super low banrate of 2%... this doesn't give any sense to me can someone explain and no ekko isn't less popular than other champs with high banrates so that's to rule out
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