Wouldn't Riven be more fair and easier to balance if she lose some of her animation cancels?

Like what's the point of have her have so many of them all it does is make her damage faster and less clear when your getting hit by her and it also misses up the balance since there is going to be a big difference in how good a riven is based on how well they know the champion. Like can someone pls explain why riven is like this. Other then riven mains would not be happy. Edit: I'm not one to care about up votes and down votes but I find it a bit weird that the down votes were about like 8 and then in a hour shot up by a a lot with the number of post staying around the same soooo does not make a lot of sense but maybe a lot of people came on at the same time that disagree with me. Also I wanted to edit to clear somethings up since it seems like some people don't understand the point I'm trying to make and that is my fault. 1: Again this has nothing to do with her being fun or is the reason people play her that is a different discussion I'm asking about her from a point of balance and asking how she got this way. 2: Her being op or what makes her op has nothing to do with this if taking animation cancels makes her better then that is fine if it means she can be more balanced and fair.
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