Volibear is the worst designed character in this game

And I'm counting all pre-rework characters too. He even beats Aatrox. He's supposed to be a badass armored bear that uses lightning to maul his foes. Lets count how many issues we have from that sentence alone. 1. For an armored bear, he has no actual defensive buffs. 2. His only real lightning spell is his ultimate. 3. His basic attacks look like a cat petting a bird http://rs246.pbsrc.com/albums/gg120/dragonflytnmama_bucket/kittypettingduck.gif?w=280&h=210&fit=crop Like its as if when designing him they had checkmarks to fill. * Bears run on all fours * Bears bite people * Bears roar * Chain Lightning and uh... his lightning powers heal him when he gets low I don't fucking know He's such a fat tub of lard you'd think he was a stuffed animal while he's walking. https://static.invenglobal.com/upload/image/2017/08/23/i1503540158857166.jpeg https://static.invenglobal.com/upload/image/2017/08/23/i1503540149478286.jpeg https://static.invenglobal.com/upload/image/2017/08/23/i1503540186340320.jpeg https://static.invenglobal.com/upload/image/2017/08/23/i1503540177539438.jpeg https://static.invenglobal.com/upload/image/2017/08/23/i1503540220463344.jpeg http://d2662aa0h6cb81.cloudfront.net/images/news_153036/interior/g/8185_jpeg?1503588795 https://static.invenglobal.com/upload/image/2017/08/23/i1503540231401681.jpeg
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