For a brief moment, I was excited for PROJECT: Syndra

I was excited that among the champions getting a skin, they decided to include even just one that isn't really popular. Then, I realized it was PROJECT: Irelia, and now I'm just disappointed. The devs told us it was their mission to get less popular champions more skins this year, but all they've proven is that the moneymakers are getting skins. I understand that skins are how they make money and that "wasting" dev hours on a skin for an unpopular champion isn't cost effective, but that isn't the big picture here. The devs have stated that they don't have a queue for champion skins, they go by what the creative team pitches, which means that the creative team doesn't care about these champions. They simply aren't on their mind. Their art team isn't thinking about unpopular champions, coming up with concepts that inspire the team to include them. The story team isn't looking for ways to fit unpopular champions into the lore of skinlines, creating compelling reasons to get them into production. This is a PR issue, not just a money issue. Yes, something like PROJECT: Syndra or PROJECT: Swain would have gotten them less cash than what they went with, but it makes the people who like unpopular champions jaded, and unlikely to invest any money in anything the devs put out. The number of people who play unpopular champions far outweighs the people who play any single popular champion that gets a skin, and that's all the people they're pushing away with these tactics. Getting people to justify buying skins is the foot in the door to getting them to buy things like event passes. It would make the devs more money in the long run to mix together popular and unpopular skins in their releases so that everybody can stay hopeful that their champion could get a skin.
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