I just...I just don't know how to win at league anymore...

All I see are Tresh/Yasuo/Blitz bot lane in my elo now...I can't win until I lose 9 games and Riot forces me to win...Dark Harvest Lux is everywhere...Ekko and Vlad are insta wins...I just....that last game did something to me so bad I wiped my hard drive and I'm reinstalling Windows 10...I just...feel this tumor inside my chest, and every time I play a game I feel it swelling up inside me and creeping up my throat. It made me put away my PS4 and my Switch. I put away all my board games. I just...I just want to sit and stare at my wall in utter silence for 24 and say nothing because I don't know if league has made me that angry or that I'm so angry I'm not angry anymore and I'm just at peace with the world. I wish want to one good ole cigarette despite never having smokes a day in my life and just take a long drag, exhale, and just look at the world pass me by.
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