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So its's pre season and everyone experimenting, heck even RIOT post a video about that.In that video we see 6 Wits Diana.For me that champion have a special place in my heart as it was the one who introduce me to League.In past i played alot of Diana mid or jungle, before her litle rework.Then i found Evelyn and played shitt ton of her, before her rework.The point is i played them in not so conventional way.I played Eve with ad build (got me from bronze 2 to gold 3), and i enjoyed playing Diana with Rage Blade.Well everything was fun, but Eve got reworked, and Rage Blade lost his hybrid stats.As much as i want, old Eve will never come back, but we still have Diana.Her kit is kinda strange but in the same way very unique.She is like a mix of AP bruiser and assasin in a way.You can build her as assasin, bruiser, tank and she could fill alot of roles.My idea or a wish, called is as you want, can riot give her an AD scalling.That will open so much more posibilities for her playstyle and kit. What do you guys think about that?{{sticker:galio-happy}}
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