A monument to laziness

Let us build a monument to laziness, togheter. Here is a list of all things that could have been done, but for no reason haven't. The points are not written in order of importance, but as they came to my mind. Feel free to suggest other points. May this monument stand as a reminder, to instill energy and will to improve this game - replacing ugly splash arts of reworked champions' old skins (examples: sivir, twitch) - making rotating game modes a stable feature - allowing players to convert x tokens in blue essence instead of having them converting tokens one by one - visually updating old champions whose kits are still usable (veigar, olaf, pantheon) - writing a decent lore that does not need to be replaced every time a new champion is released. In short: working on continuity - reworking omhwrecker - fixing client bugs, especially regarding rune pages. - giving new quotes to champions who still refer to summoners, despite the antediluvian lore update that cancelled the IoW - giving Varus new quotes after his retcon - giving proper lines for taunts and jokes to aatrox - stating a proper conclusion of the Frelijord event. - working on different skin lines besides mecha, ice or fire skin lines (they tried with coven, still not enough tho) - fixing fiddlesticks' laugh - developing Clash (and not "Crash")
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