Change Zoe's Interactions

So I watched Zoe's interactions video, and it's not at all what I expected her to be like. RiotGames was saying how Zoe would be a more happy and bubbly champion from their recent champions that had darker vibes. I was so excited to finally play a new champion who's lively and adorable, but her interactions completely deterred me from any chance of playing her. I thought she'd be more optimistic and happy about being able to play around in Summoner's Rift, but it almost seems like she's been reduced to "jealous fangirl" of Ezreal. I'm incredibly disappointed and sad about it. Zoe just sounds like those little children who do absolutely shitty things to get a rise out of you. I really wish RiotGames would change her interactions, because I was looking forward to it. But if her interactions are going to be this annoying, I don't even want to bother :( Can Riot please change her interactions? Please;;;
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