From a Woman Who Attended the PAX Panels

I realize there is an uproar over what happened. Whether you agree or disagree with Riot's approach, some things to understand are: * Their announcement for the Panels was last minute. Badges/Passes for the event were **sold out** for months/weeks prior (PAX does a resell of badges a few weeks after the initial sale but still long sold out before Riot's announcement). Badges are also sold way before PAX even lists what exhibitors will be attending. At the time of the exhibitor list announcement, Riot only had 1 slot scheduled (open to everyone) which was the Narrative. They talked for about 30 minutes and did Q&A for the last 30 minutes. Not everyone had their questions answered due to time constraints, even though Rioters wanted to answer everyone's questions. Due to Riot's Panels announcement of "Ask a Rito" + other additional panels and being present in and outside Room 613 nearly all day long (opening - 6 pm), EVERYONE was able to ask their questions about anything, get "1 v 1" time and be heard. * **There is plenty of misinformation spreading around.** * They succeeded in making a space (both in the hallway and in room 613) where Rioters were approachable (by anyone). You felt comfortable and welcomed. The gaming industry is male dominated, this can feel daunting. Plenty of women/non-binary often feel not listened to or not as good as male counterparts - this event was an attempt to show that women and non-binaries are heard and supported. This was extremely important and the feelings are very real for many of them - no matter where you are. * **ANYONE **could have gone and talked to Rioters- and** plenty of men did.** Plenty of men were also heard, had their questions answered and resume/linkedin's reviewed as well. * Understand **WHY **it was done. People felt X way and Riot made an attempt to show they support their feelings - just like you want them to notice and understand how you feel right now. * It was the FIRST time they did open Panels. Instead of threatening to uninstall/boycott over it, offer suggestions on what they can do better next time: BE **CONSTRUCTIVE **instead of burning something to the ground - this is how we grow as a community.** Build, don't burn. **If you only flame and don't offer constructive criticism instead, this is how great things and opportunities are squashed and never done again. **So if you want them to do more panels, voice how you believe it can be changed and/or done better.** It's like being in game and watching your adc misposition and die. Instead of saying "omg gg. report adc x9" try --> "Hey, try standing at the back on the line and I'll protect you!" It goes a lot further and has a positive impact. Riot did a great job in creating a safe space for women/nb to show they are heard (along with everyone else), why working in the gaming industry is so great, and not to feel hesitant about working in it. I definitely want to see more panels like these done, please don't be dissuaded from doing them again as they were fun, interactive, and informative. The great thing about Riot is that they set a high bar and realize that things can always be done better - whether the implementation was a success or not. Use your voice: be heard. Offer suggestions on how you think Panels like these can be done better - that's how change begins and happens; not by flaming {{summoner:14}} . _**You don't win a game by quitting.**_ {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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