Regardless of what you think of Nubrac, can we agree NB3's toxic behavior shouldn't go unpunished?

This thread was **NOT **made to argue over what Nubrac did. By now we all understand the community is rather split on his actions. Now let's focus on Nightblue... **1)** Already calling people trash in champ select lobby creating a toxic environment. e.g. "you're trash" "the only person i'd consider duoing with is first pick" **2)** Less than 3 minutes in he's already flaming Teemo and threatening him of a 2 week ban in the most entitled "i'm a streamer with many connections" manner. Remember, this is super early in the game and at this stage all Teemo has done is get Irelia first blood in the mid lane. It's not like he was in lane longer than 1 minute. **3)** Continues spouting out the most immature toxic slander e.g. "Say bye bye to your account :)" (This is 5 minutes in. The score is still 1-0 in favor of Nightblue) **4)** Starts verbally calling people "re***ds" including people that disagree with him in his OWN stream. Riot and Twitch are endorsing this... **5)** At 9:40 in the game Nightblue gets a donation telling him hundreds of his viewers are going to Nubrac's channel harassing him and spamming the N word. NB3 doesn't respond to the donation which he clearly heard (since it's read off by an automated voice). Him remaining silent heavily implies he's fine with the harassment. **6) ** At 12 minutes NB3 goes afk in nexus to write a support ticket. I guess Riot is fine with the "afk cos we lost anyway" mentality. I think this is more than enough examples of toxicity that less privileged "non-streamers" would get banned for. If you haven't seen the VOD yet, here is a video illustrating these points:
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