Wake up! It isn't fair and it isn't right....

The severity of the punishment system is clearly being used to manipulate user population. If you don't believe me then answer me why Riot allows someone permanently banned to just make another account? Why not just ban the account from ranked forcing the account to play normal games to accumulate experience again until you can play rank? I think the answer is obviously Riot wants more accounts made, they appear to be cracking down on toxic behavior all the while twisting the rules to their favor. Even if you believe that the punishment of permanent ban is fair then I hope you'd agree that the ease of which you get punished needs to be adjusted? When you get punished your honor gets locked, 3 months worth of consistent playing gets you back to level 2 (maybe because nobody seems to know how the progress of honor works) yet you can get punished for 45 minutes of poorly chosen words. On top of the swiftness of the axe along with the outrageously unbalanced punishment to crime ratio, you can get banned for simply having a conversation! A bot determines your quilt followed by support that can only reinforce that the rules are the rules and nothing can be done. It isn't right to punish people who always try to win but happen to get into mildly heated conversations once in a while. I think bullying and toxicity need to be redefined because it's one thing for two people to tell each other to stfu but it's another thing to constantly berate someone without them willingly fight back. I don't think anyone should be punished for arguing, there's mute for a reason so those who do not want to hear it mute and those that want to interact verbally should be able to do so if they wish. I know a lot has been tried and any solution would have its pros and cons but I wish people would just wake up on this and realize that Riot actively wants to ban people for the slightest of errors. I could argue back and forth with someone mildly or I could be completely off the chain being racist, sexist and homophobic but still get the same punishment! It makes zero sense to punish someone for chatting when there are mute buttons and there truly needs to be more meat in the chat logs when punishing people. It is so silly that justifying the punishments is saying it is in the rules so it is fair. I know the game is free to play and I should be grateful but I paid money into this game so it wasn't free to me. Free our accounts and stop manipulating us off the idea that you guy are doing us the favor because it is free to play, you guys are making billions somehow and I'm guessing a lot of it is all the freaking money your customers have paid into this free game! How many times do they bend the rules to accommodate their agenda? There has been some public displays of a huge lack of integrity within this company and the punishment scheme has been over looked for too long. It is clearly rigged towards getting people banned and forcing their account numbers to go up and even if you don't believe that then surely you should believe that if you pay for something you should be able to use it when and how you like without someone holding a string ready to yank whenever they want their property back. You can be toxic in 1% of your games, play enough games and you could be banned for it, does that seem fair to you? Maybe if the game was free yeah but it's not!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't play league without a freakin skin!
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