Sooo why are new PBE users getting shafted?

When I made the account the other day I had seemingly unlimited resources, you know, since the whole purpose is testing new things. Come back today, do a patch, get left with a tiny amount of RP and BE. The shop also had damn near everything available for 1 BE (chests, gemstones, etc) and that seems to be gone too. So the question is this; **what's the point?** Are you guys gonna try to sell us RP on a server that literally doesn't matter, or are we just not gonna get to test new skins and stuff because reasons? Seems a little backwards to open up the PBE to ~~all~~ most of us then treat us like second class players now that we're in. On the other hand, if this is just a temporary bug or an accident then I hope it's resolved quickly. EDIT: Please stop coming in and auto downvoting things for no reason. Legitimately no reason the guy asking how to sign up or my answer to it should be getting downvoted or upvoted.
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